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Safe and Dangerous Pet Foods

Safe and dangerous dog foods | Image source: Bigstock ©Willee ColeDo you wonder how to find the truth behind the enticing labels you see on pet foods? Or wonder if it's OK to share your human foods with your animal companions?

We will be sharing more information on food safety for all of our pets soon. 

Dog Food

Here is a wealth of information about dog foods that we are sharing, published by

*Note that this source is not a governmental agency, but a private consumer news and advocacy organization focused on publishing consumer news, recall information and many thousands of consumer reviews. 

Top 3 Factors in Selecting a Dog Food

Common Mistakes When Choosing Dog Food

Top 10 of the Best Rated Dog Food Brands

What Features Matter Most in Dog Foods?

What Type to Choose — Canned, Semi-moist, or Dry?

Consumer Reviews on Dog Food Brands

Dangerous Foods for Your Dog


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